SKY1 Model - Microscopes

Bed: is of heavy casting thoroughly aged and machined true and is fitted with leveling screws. The top i.e. optical
platform, the guide ways, all are machined in one operation. The guide ways over which slide the carriage is
made of gun-metal or cast iron (as desired).The horizontal carriage is machined and interground on the guide
ways. The intergrinding of the moving surfaces is carefully done to eliminate any lateral shift and to provide very
smooth uniform movements. The carriage can be clamped at any position by means of the clamping screws.

Microscope tube: Inclinable in any angle. True vertical and horizontal positions marked. Very smooth rack and
pinion focusing.

Carriages: The horizontal, vertical and right angled (transverse motion supplied in deluxe model).

Carriages are carefully ground on their respective guide eliminating any lateral shift and giving very smooth
movement. The vertical pillar of brass is rigidly fixed to the carriage and its true vertically is not disturbed even
with rough laboratory usage.

Scale: gun-metal or inlaid stainless steel scales, as desired.

Optics: True achromatic objectives focal length is supplied in the absence of specific instruction. Ramsden eye
piece is 10 x with fine cross line reticule is provided.

Graduations: Are done by finest machines in division.

Verniers: To read least count .000cm,.002 cm,0r .005 cm as desired. Usually .001 cm is supplied in the absence
of specific requirements.

Slow motion: Movements are provided to the carriage by means of thumb screws.

Rate: Rs.4,100/-