Space Card

Master of Space Card

3 games in 1 pack to test your memory, knowledge and strategy!

TRUMP (Game 1): First ever Astronomy Trump! Trump game in its ultimate form. Beat your rival in a fantastic number fight. The game makes you learn the amazing stats and figures (mass, diameter, orbital period) of solar family with the fun of TRUMP!

MASTER OF SPACE (Game 2): A game developed with passion and intense research to boost your knowledge about universe. The game is blended in a unique form of quizzing. An ideal teaching aid and fun game for all ages!

MEMORY (Game 3): The amazing galaxies, the beautiful nebulae, all in breathtaking photographs captured by rare telescopes and instruments, gathered in a classic game of memory. Enjoy the captive beauty of deep sky objects while having fun playing the game you always loved!

Specifications: 30 cards (including 6 Black hole disk cards) + Dice.

Price - Rs.40/-