Reflector Telescope - SV 114 Eq Technical specification
sv 114 eq
Optical design Newtonian Optical system 
Primary Lens /Mirror Diameter 114mm / Focal length 900mm
Secondary Diagonal : Matched Optical Flat
Focal ratio F/7.9
Eye Pieces 31.7 mm OD : 1) 25 mm efl, 2) 10 mm efl Huygens
Finder 6x30 finder Telescope
Eye Pieces Mount Rack and Pinion Focuser 31.7 mm
Tube 145mm dia x 870mm length
Stand Aluminium tripod
Mount Equatorial Metal Mount
Magnetic compass  Operating Manual
Technical Data
Lens Highly reflective aluminized mirror with hard coating
Magnification obtained with Eyepieces 72x 225x
Resolution 1 Arc Seconds under ideal conditions
Visibility Can see 12  Magnitude star
Price Rs.15,600/- *
Warranty 1 year
Telescope Bag Rs.450/- Extra