Refractor Telescope - SV 60 AZRF Technical specification
sv 60 azrf
Optical design Refractor Optical System
Primary Lens /Mirror Diameter 60m / Focal length 700mm
Focal ratio F/11.7
Eye Pieces 1) 4mm efl, 2) 12.5mm efl 3) 20mm efl SR
Finder 5x24 finder Telescope
Eye Pieces Mount Rack and Pinion Focuser
Tube 63mm dia x 500mm length
Stand Aluminum tripod
Mount Altazimuth Metal Mount
Technical Data
Lens Achromat Doublet
Magnification obtained with Eyepieces 35x 56x 175x
Barlow 3x
Magnification with barlow 105x 168x 525x
Resolution 1.9 Arc Seconds under ideal conditions
Visibility Can see 11.4  Magnitude star
Weight: 1.3 kg
Price Rs.5800/- *
Warranty 1 Year